Established in March 2015, TASAKHTAA   GLOBAL HOSPITAL is a modern multi facility hospital situated in the old tourists magnet Stone Town of Zanzibar at Vuga.

Boasting of modern medical facilities and machines for diagnostics and treatment which includes CT Scan, C-ARM facility, Ultra Sound, Dialysis Unit, ECG, Laparoscopy, the hospital also has one of the most competent Orthopaedician capable of performing high ended surgeries such as knee cap and joint replacements, the hospital also boasts of competent Cuban trained doctors in areas of Gynecology and cardiac surgeries, our Gynecologist is capable of attending general gynecological

Cases as well as performing complicated Gynecological surgeries.

We also boast a number of resident General Practitioners capable of attending to common diseases cases in 24 hours 7 days rotation.

The hospital is capable of bedding 130 patients in different classes of service from VIPs single rooms to general shared ward rooms not exceeding four patients per room.

We have the best facilitated ICUs to care for all intensive medical situated patients in General medicine, Surgical, Cardiac and Neonatal.

Our services are well supported with acceptance of both local and international medical health insurance providers cards.


With this introduction, we present to you the services that cover mainly the following areas;

Facilitative& administrative capacity of the hospital.

Our personnel  stock

Emergency care facilitation

Intensive Care facilitation

Insurance facilitated medication

Special Corporate Package.

Specialist Consultation and Nursing.

Health checkup for staff
FIRST AID staff training.


TASAKHTAA GLOBAL HOSPITAL is the only hospital in Zanzibar with a modern state of the art, patient "stabilizing" ambulance.

Stabilizing means that our ambulance is well equipped, with the following facilities;

Full Air Conditioned.

The Trauma trolley

Spine board/Scoop stretcher

Electronic Syringe Pump.


The resuscitation machine

The oxygen machine/Oxygen Control Panel.

Cardiac Monitor

Lypho Suction Unit

Hand Suction Units

B.P Measuring Unit.

That means our ambulance is not just for ferrying the patient from the point of rescue to hospital rather the whole medical care can proceed within it at the scene.

Depending on the condition of the patient, our ambulance has got all necessary facilities to stabilize the patient right at the point of rescue only to transfer him to the hospital for further treatment.

On a rescue mission our ambulance comes along with a doctor and a especially emergency care trained nurse.

Tasakhtaa Hospital services

In addition to emergency services and general Out Patient service the hospital also offers the following services;



Tasakhtaa is one of the best facilitated hospitals in Tanzania (Mainland and Zanzibar) that have the best and well equipped intensive care units. Our Intensive Care Units are well divided and distributed to give a specialized and focused care to each patient depending on the medical case.


This takes of all general case patients, such as malaria, typhoid and other diseases.


This takes care of all surgery related cases, so the patient who comes out of the surgery say orthopedic or appendicitis and he is in serious condition then can be taken care in this unit.


This is an ICU dedicated to cardiac cases where the patient who falls under cardiac cases, say gone cardiac surgery, had a cardiac arrest that needs intensive care then is placed on intensive care in this unit.


The Neonatal ICU is specified for babies just out of the labor theatres, this includes babies born prematurely.This unit can also take care of infants born stable but who falls sick in cause of time and because of their infancy they cannot be mixed with adults in the Medical ICU.




In a modern day medicine services provision, insurance plays a vital role in facilitating patients to access medical services.

TASAKHTAA GLOBAL HOSPITAL has partnered with a number of medical insurance providers and health insurance funds to provide medical services to their members.

TASAKHTAA GLOBAL HOSPITAL accepts cards from the following insurance companies;

AAR Insurance

Aetna Insurance

AIM International

Cigna International Insurance

Jubilee Insurance


Resolution Insurance.

We have a special desk for insurances based clients and a special billing system that charges directly to the insurer. 

Call Us: +255 242 232341
E-mail: info@tasakhtaahospital.co.tz
Website: www.tasakhtaahospital.co.tz