It has been decade now! A kind of adventure that Zainab Bottlers have gone through. Zainab Bottlers was officially opened on 14th Feb, 2004 with the vision to produce affordable and quality products to local market, it was great revolution in bottled water industry as at that time there was only one company produced bottled water but only 1.5ltr bottle. Zainab Bottlers started with product named Zanzibar Kool, it was the first company to have 600mls and 350mls products.

Zanzibar Kool brand in size of 1.5ltr, 1ltr, 600mls and 350mls. Was the product that brought relief in life severity for Zanzibar citizen. In continues of serving Zanzibar community Zainab Bottlers came up with Kool juice on 2006, this was after two years of our full swing.

Having observed the response of customers and the same thoughtful consideration the management of Zainab Bottlers then ventured a step ahead and formed Zanzibar Kool juices, this was 2006.

2008 Zainab Bottlers continued their compliance for Zanzibar market as they came up with soda Portello. Portello was another revolution in beverage industry, it became putative, loved and talk of the town.


2009 Zainab Bottlers stepped ahead, investing in wide range of latest technology the firm came up with the high quality water, the well acknowledged "Zan Aqua" brand, produced from high end technology of reverse osmosis machines. We take pride on developing and producing this product, exceeding the most demanding and discerning customers of Zanzibar market and beyond.

Our Products

Zan Aqua Water

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Kool Water



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